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Welcome to the website of the African Human Rights Law Journal (AHRLJ), a leading peer-reviewed journal focused on human rights related topics of relevance to Africa, Africans and scholars of Africa. As democratic practices and the protection of human rights struggle to become rooted in Africa, the Journal aims to contribute towards strengthening indigenous African scholarship.

The first issue of the AHRLJ appeared in 2001. Since then, the Journal has appeared twice a year, in July and December, without interruption. 

The full text of the AHRLJ is made freely available online immediately upon publication. The AHRLJ is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License (CC BY 4.0).  

The AHRLJ is published by the Pretoria University Law Press (PULP) which took over from Juta as publisher in 2013. It is published in association with the Centre for Human Rights, Faculty of Law, University of Pretoria.

The AHRLJ still publishes a small amount of printed copies for each volume, which are sent out to the required Legal Depository addresses as per the Legal Deposit Act, Act 54 of 1997.  All journal content, dating back to the first issue of 2001, is available and will be maintained on the Journal’s web site (www.ahrlj.up.ac.za).  Earlier issues of the Journal are also available from JUTA Publisher (https://juta.co.za/catalogue/african-human-rights-law-journal-2000-2012-online_22320/).

The Journal is published only in English.

Feedback and criticism:  Any suggestions for improving any aspect of the Journal, including its content and editorial approach, are welcomed, and should be submitted at any time to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Latest Edition: AHRLJ Volume 23 No 2 2023

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AHRLJ Volume 23 No 2 2023

Published by Pretoria University Law Press (PULP)
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The right to development in Francophone Africa: Post-colonial agreements, sovereign authority and control over natural resources

by Justin Ngambu Wanki
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Interrogating the evolution of a constitutionallylegitimised ‘Big Man’ political culture and its influence on political participation by Kenyan youth

by Buluma Bwire
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The prospects of litigation to secure maternal health in Nigeria: Does SERAP v Attorney-General Lagos have
any value?

by Oluseyi Olayanju
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Public participation as an essential requirement of the environmental rule of law: Reflections on South Africa’s approach in policy and practice

by Jenny Hall and Peter J Lukey
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Traditional leadership in South Africa: From blood and might usurpation to constitutional accountability

by Sipho Nkosi
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Recognising form through function in the context of integrating the bride requirement in customary marriages in South Africa

by Helen Kruuse and Lea Mwambene
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Recent developments and case discussions

Beyond symmetrical binaries: The emergence of the constitutional recognition of transgender persons in Zimbabwe with reference to Nathanson v Mteliso & Others

by Kutlwano Pearl Magashula and Charles Ngwena
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The Mariana Trench of transphobia in South Africa: The legislative lacunae in KOS v Minister of Home Affairs

by Sophy Baird
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