This volume covers aspects of the domestic human rights situation in three countries – Zimbabwe, Kenya and Egypt – and the influence of the international system on another two countries, namely the impact of the African Charter system in the Democratic Republic of Congo and international human rights law in Nigeria.

The Journal also explores the opportunities and problems that will be faced by the Pan-African Parliament of the African Union when it is constituted, as well as the operation of the emerging African Committee on the Rights of the Child.

The editors thank the following people who acted as referees over the period since the previous issue of the Journal appeared: Cedric de Coning; Victor Dankwa; John Dugard; Jean-Desiré Ingange-wa-Ingange; Ben Kioko; Justice Nwobike; Joe Oloka-Onyango; David Padilla; Nico Steytler; and Geraldine van Bueren.

The next volume of the Journal will deal primarily with the Sierra Leone Special Court.